About Us

Designers Ruth and Jorge Betancourt are the creating force behind Pia Colors. Their love for fashion and their innate passion for design motivated this couple to create the line in 2003. Being born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, they give Pia Colors a distinct Caribbean flair that transmits their effortless but sophisticated taste.

It has now become a family affair, with the addition of their oldest, Pia Betancourt, to the company. Pia Colors is currently looking to expand and reach a bigger audience in the United States. We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy creating them!

Brand Concept

One thing about living in the Caribbean is year long Summers that allow us to continuously work on new designs. This means that every other week you will find new small collections with very graphic and bold prints. Our style is young and contemporary and is known throughout the Island for its impeccable fit. For us, it is crucial to use high quality fabric that will ensure durability in all of our pieces. Attention to detail is extremely important because our focus is to provide our customers with the best to keep them coming back for more. After all, you are the ones that keep our dream alive!